BIO project (TIN2012-30685, Multiobjective Optimization and Parallelism in Bioinformatics) is targeted to make contributions in three main categories. The first one is a fundamental issue in optimization concerning the design of multiobjective (MO) algorithms able of solving difficult problems in a more efficient way that present (often single-objective) tools. The second contribution in the project is related with the application of parallelism (in its different varieties: cluster computing, multi-core computing, grid computing, hardware accelerators –mainly FPGAs and GPGPUs-) for improving both the performance and the throughput of the problem solutions. Finally, our third contribution consists in addressing important real-world bioinformatics problems (like the discovery of patterns –motifs- in biological sequences, the phylogenetic inference, and the design of DNA sequences for DNA computing), being bioinformatics at present an important hot topic.